Andrea Walsdorf

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Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Age: 23

Profession: Child Care Provider

Playing Rugby Since: 2009

Positions Played: Centers, Wing

Other Rugby Clubs: University Of Arizona


What do you love about rugby?

The world is a big place filled with billions of people. People are drawn towards others who accept them. For me, my acceptance comes from the sub culture of the rugby world. Yes, to the outside world Rugby may seem like a bunch of people hitting each other, but it means so much more. Rugby is a respectful sport that is played and seen equally for women and men. The equality, social, passion, and devotion seen through players all around the USA/world is heartwarming. Rugby is a worldwide connection and an experience I will never forget.


What does the Kenya tour mean to you?

The Kenya Tour will allow my development and experience as a player to amplify. It's an adventure that will allow The Sirens to grow as a club. Furthermore it's a step in the right direction to advertise the sport of Rugby, especially for women. To be able to experience all three of these accomplishments is an award. Kenya can only bring valuable scenarios.


What about the tour do you most look forward to?

To fully take in the culture differences,; whether that be on or off the field.  And of course- PLAYING RUGBY!